The global pandemic has caused an unimaginable chaos in businesses around the world; compelling some existing established businesses to go out of operation.

In giving back to the community, and to help small and medium scale businesses start or get back on their feet, I am requesting for proposals from individuals who wish to benefit from this program; sponsored by Dr Helen A Hand to the Needy Foundation. Proposals can be sent to any of the e-mails provided below, up until January 31st, 2021.

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I hope to nurture the system of maintaining a great managerial structure and to enlighten business owners on the steady methods of sustainability. It is important to strengthen the future leaders of businesses and entrepreneurs globally through practical and theoretical teachings which would in turn enhance skills needed, to grow businesses, so as to add value in the Nigerian and world economy.

Furthermore, the CEO Company will improve the essential business, management and leadership skills of participants while facilitating good working relationships and good communication skills in business. I desire to help business owners individually envision the future of their business and lead business owners to have a strong foundation through Christ Jesus.

To be the largest and most effective headspring corporate mentorship class that knowledgably aids sustainability and growth of businesses globally.

Closing the knowledge gap in the corporate world by training, capacity building, mentoring; CEO’s, Directors, Managers, and corporations, institutions and business owners.

Ventures in learning, adventures in enterprise.

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